Still Alive

Yes, this blog is still alive. I single handedly support both this blog and the VirtuED blog. Over the past two months we’ve had a HUGE number of things going on that have drained my time away from these two blogs.

With the school year coming to a close, I will actually get some time to catch up and bring these blogs up to current. I have a ton of updates and pictures from our Kyoto Spring Break Exchange to post to the VirtuED blog. We’ve had to completely reschedule our summer school for February due to travel restrictions for students in Japan travelling to the US due to the swine flu pandemic.

Too many things to list here have fully occupied my time of late. But never fear, over the next few weeks these pages will be updated and back on track. Lots of exciting things are planned for this next school year, with the possibility of some cool things this summer now that the Kyoto summer school is off. So check back soon and you’ll see a whole bunch of updates, and a return to a regular posting of info to these sites.


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