D6 – Kyoto Exchange – Meditation Session

After lunch we hopped in a bus and headed out to a temple to learn how to meditate.  We really were not sure what we were going to encounter on this trip. 

The streets were very busy and the rain was coming down on our trip to the temple. We were glad to get there after a pretty short drive.

We were welcomed in by a Buddhist priest that would be our teacher for this class. It was a very small room with a lot of wood.  The floors were covered in tatami matts.  There were also small pillows arranged around the outer part of the room. 


The monk was very patient and instructed us in the techniques required for meditating. One thing he told is was not to close our eyes completely during our meditation or we might fall asleep.  Not many of us were ready for the flexibility required for this type of thing.  I remember he saying that if we felt pain during our meditation that we should focus on that pain to make it go away. 

A few of the students were well versed in the ways of meditation.

After learning the techniques we meditated for a half hour. I thought that it was going to be a long time to expect the students to focus, but we made it through almost without incident.  There was a light rain falling outside that added a very soothing sound to the atmosphere of the temple. 

Afterwards we had tea and a special waffle cookie (that was awesome).

Before leaving we took a group picture with the priest for Twitter.


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