D7 – Kyoto Exchange – Goodbye Party

The goodbye party started in the quad and then moved into the adjacent Café. Upon our return from Kyoto Station we were greeted by the school band. They played the United States National Anthem and then a jazzy tune that got everyone hopping. They were actually very good and had everyone’s attention and applause.

I’ve uploaded a video taken by my son Corey on his camera of their performance of the US National Anthem.

It was at this goodbye party that the Principal, Mr. Sasai, presented us with a beautiful plaque to take back to Modesto to commemorate our trip to Kyoto.

Nathaniel had volunteered to give the farewell speech to the students in Japanese. He decided to have Chris Flesuras Jr. review it before stepping out in front of the assembled group to deliver it.

Here Mr. Sasai and Mr. Cornwell listen to the thank you speech being given to the students and staff of Kyoto Gakuen.

Some of the students were watching from inside the building.

Meanwhile, back in the Café there was quite a spread being prepared for the goodbye party.

As things wrapped up outside students started trickling back into the Café and gabbing some seats for the upcoming entertainment.

Three students performed a song for the group accompanied by guitar.

Next up was one of the teachers who had been our guide more than once the past week performed an Elvis song for everyone.

The students all said their goodbyes and took pictures together.

And when all was said and done, everyone ran out to the quad to take a group picture.

After all the students had left, and all the mess was cleaned up, the Café was eerily quiet. It had been so busy only hours before and had been our meeting place every morning before setting out to see Kyoto each day.

Now all the students were back with their host families for their final night. Many had goodbye dinners planned by their host families. And a large group of them were planning to go out later in the evening to have one last night out on the town together with their friends. Now they only had to get back to the school in the morning, and back on the plane home for this trip to have gone perfectly.


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