D8 – Kyoto Exchange – Second Life Lab Tour

The next morning we did not have much planned. Our flight was to leave Osaka at 5:00pm. We were leaving the school after lunch to head for the airport. This is a day when the Kyoto students were allowed to stay with the Modesto students through lunch.  First at the camput, then touring the temple next door, and finally sharing lunch together at the school before leaving for the airport.

We all met up in the computer lab used for Second Life and the PacRimX project. There we paired up the students with those coming to Modesto for summer school. Some of the students formed larger groups to talk about the upcoming summer school and their visit to Kyoto.

And here Daniel amazes others with his mastery of Origami.

Here are the teachers that will make the Summer School happen in Modesto.

We had to get a group shot of all the students that had been involved in the PacRimX project for the past year, the Modesto students with the Kyoto Gakuen students coming to Modesto for Summer School.  The Second Life lab seemed to be the most appropriate for such a picture. 

Little did we know that we would not be seeing them as soon as we had planned. But that story is for another blog post.


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