Kyoto Gakuen on Japanese National TV Show

Kyoto Gakuen was recently featured on a news show on the national Japan Broadcasting Corp network. This show features stories on education and technology. Click on the screen shot above to load the video. It’s all in Japanese, but still worth watching if you don’t speak the language.

This bridge building event was highlighted in an earlier post here on the blog. The segment on Kyoto Gakuen and Skoolaborate/PacRimX starts at about 14:40 and finishes around 21:10. They really cover the perspective of the Japanese students well during the bridge building event.

The students featured in this broadcast are coming to Modesto for three weeks in late February through early March. They were supposed to have come to Modesto for summer school, but that trip was postponed due to their government banning student travel to the US due to the swine flu outbreak.


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