City Hall Field Trip

What’s a trip to Modesto without a trip to City Hall?

We took the students to the government facility downtown. This building houses both the City and County offices. They were set up to meet with a few of the government officials.

All of the students got a brief history of the area and then were given certificates to take home from both the City and County.

It was then off to the City Council Chambers for another group photo.

The part that they really were looking forward to was the Fire Station and Police visit. That was just down the street. They started with a visit from the Police Department.

Here they are waiting in a group to get a photo card of an officer that died in the line of duty. They were also given really nice little metal police badge pins (a huge hit, but I didn’t get one).

They were allowed to sit in the squad car and take pictures. One of their teachers, Rob Riter, even ended up locked in the back seat. No, there are no door handles in there to open the door once it’s closed.

I want to hear the stories once they get back to Japan about why Rob was locked up. There are plenty of pictures of it.

Next up was the fire truck. They lit up the lights and turned on the sirens. What police car? A little competition in showing off the gear keeps things moving.

There were more than a few volunteers to climb on the truck.

Try on the fire fighting gear.

And pose for pictures. Here Rob poses for a picture in full gear after being extracated out of the Police car by the jaws of life.

And what’s a trip to California without a little Ghirardelli chocolate? There’s a factory outlet store south of Stockton. The prices are a fraction of those in San Francisco (next week’s trip), so the students and teachers loaded up.

We ended the day with a trip to the Manteca Bass Pro Outlet store. I can personally vouch that there’s nothing like this back in Kyoto.

After a long day touring the local area, it was back to Johansen for the afternoon classes.





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