Finally! – Kyoto Summer Schools Starts

Better late than never! On February 19th the Kyoto students from last year that were going to attend summer school here in Modesto (Summer of ’09) finally arrived. Not a moment too late. They go back on March 12th, and are on break between school years (no summer vacation in Japan) until April 9th. Their trip to Modesto was postponed last May after their government banned their travel due to the Swine Flu outbreak.

The host families arrived slowly over about an hour period. The bus was early, and the temperature was cold. So the students stayed on the heated bus until their family arrived. The families were given signs to hold up to call out their student(s). It was well into the evening by the time the last students were off with their families.

We only had one snag, a family that had their weeks wrong and thought they were arriving the following week. They were finally called and came running to pick up their student. All of these students were tired from the long flight and probably were off to bed as soon as arriving at their host family’s homes.

As is usually the case, some were still tired the first day of class.


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