First Day of Summer (Spring?) School

We had some great weather right before the Kyoto students arrived in Modesto. It was in the 70’s days before and all the blossoms popped, almost in anticipation of their arrival.

The first week of this multimedia class is spent getting accustomed to the video equipment and computers. The students are assigned a partner and then broken up into groups. Each group must produce a music video.

Students scatter across campus to stake out their filming areas.

And still others stay back in the lab and take advantage of the green screen room for more advanced videos.

And they have to scour the Internet for music to set their videos to. Even while they are doing these activities they often have a camera on them for the documentary about their trip to Modesto that starts in the second week.

It didn’t take long at all for these teams to gel and start working together on their projects. We are really looking forward to seeing this year’s music videos.

The one challenge that we have is that the weather seems to be cycling every couple of days between early Spring and Winter weather. That’s definitely presenting a challenge to the students for these projects. But at least they’re here and getting this experience before moving on to their next year in school.


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