Second Life Workshop

At this time of the year we are usually working with this year’s Kyoto students and Second Life. Our trip to Kyoto is in April. The students we are working with for this coming Summer’s class are back in Kyoto. So we are leveraging the extra people we have to run our joint events in Second Life. The Modesto students involved in this Summer School are new to Second Life. Our visiting Kyoto students are old pros. So they are helping with getting our students oriented to the virtual platform of Second Life.

One of my sons, Corey, came down and taught the first lesson for Second Life as part of his Senior project. He is one of the founding students of the PacRimX Project, and is also very active in Skoolaborate.

On this day they were taught basic navigation, how to modify their appearance, and how to communicate. It was fun to watch as Corey discovered just how challenging it is to teach a group of mixed experience students in Second Life.


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