Welcome BBQ – It’s Cold Out Here

Yes, we have a schedule for Summer school and we’re not going to change it just because it’s the middle of winter. We scheduled an indoor BBQ on the first Saturday evening of the visit. Everyone came out and had hot dogs and hamburgers. The host families were encouraged to come with their student(s) for this event.

This BBQ was on the second day of the visit. There was lots of American food to sample for the Kyoto students. It allowed both the students and host families to ask questions about the exchange and what they were doing while they were here in Modesto.

This was a great ice breaker event. Everyone had a great time and some good food. The families all brought desserts to share with the group. I brought some of the famous Lockeford Sausages from where I live for the parents. They were a huge hit with everyone.

My adventure in learning Japanese is well under way. My wife and I were invited over to my Japanese teacher’s house after the BBQ. Her name is Michiko (on the right). She has taken a real interest in this year’s exchange and wants to participate as much as possible. She has been teaching Japanese for over 30 years. She has many high school students and a few “old guys” like me as students. She’s great to have around with the Japanese students for translation when needed. Michiko was born in Hiroshima. And did I mention that she’s a great Japanese teacher? I can’t fool her like I could Rosetta Stone.


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