San Francisco Trip

On Thursday March 4th the Kyoto students and their Modesto partners went to San Francisco. First stop on the trip was the San Francisco Academy of Science at Golden Gate Park.

We arrived just after opening and walked right in. Anyone who has tried to visit the Academy since the remodel knows just how rare this type of entrance is, especially if you try on the weekend. But our students are not your average humans, they are of an evolved and more intelligent variety of the species.

There was so much to see at the Academy. The remodel has really improved the experience. From the high tech rain forest in a glass bubble to the ocean aquarium and albino alligator, this was an amazing location for our second field trip. The students got a lot of video footage and photos for their documentaries.

Next stop on the trip was the Golden Gate Bridge. The last three groups of summer school students that have come to Modesto have not seen the Golden Gate. They’ve walked across it in July, and have seen the walkway on the bridge as they’ve walked across. They’ve also seen the bases of the towers as they’ve walked past them. But beyond about 50 feet in any direction (up, down or out), all they’ve seen is fog blowing into the Bay. On this sunny day the weather was as good as it gets in the city. The Golden Gate was out in all its glory.

Many of the students opted to ride the Cable Cars to Union Square. There’s some great video footage of this wild ride in the documentaries. One student group did a time lapse of their trip to Union Square, reducing the ride to a little over a minute.

Union Square is always a favorite for these students. Every time we go these large hearts are painted differently at the four corners of Union Square. They always make for a great spot for group photos. These students definitely left their hearts (and some of their money) in San Francisco on this perfect day.


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