Yosemite Trip

I did not get to go on the Yosemite trip this year. All three of my sons are wrapping up their Eagle Projects for Boy Scouts. I had to stay in town and help with one of these projects. It was rather unfortunate, as I’ve never been to Yosemite in the winter, there was a fresh dusting of snow, and this year we’ve got a fun group of students involved in the program.

Because of the long bus ride, the American students were allowed to bring some DVD’s on the Storer Bus. They watched Batman and some other movies up and back to Yosemite. Mr. Cornwell used the trip to stick the custom DVD labels for the group documentaries onto the blank DVD’s, several hundred DVD’s! He said it made the trip go a little bit faster than normal.

The classic picture location is always at the Tunnel View.

The students were really excited when they entered the valley and saw that the waterfalls were running full from the melt off of the recent snow. Yosemite has drifted in and out of the snow line the whole time the Kyoto students have been visiting. We even had to swap dates for the Monterey trip and Yosemite because of snow. On this trip, there was just enough snow on the ground for a snowball fight, but not enough to impede bus travel.

Mr. Lee and a few students struck out on a short brisk hike in the cold mountain air. The bus stopped at the usual photo opportunities, but this year the students did not wander far or resist getting back in the bus when the time was up.

And instead of packed Bento lunches, this time it was a warm toasty lunch at the Yosemite Lodge cafeteria with American food all around!

In talking to the students, many liked this trip the best. Some of the Modesto students had never been up to Yosemite, even though it is only a few hours’ drive from Modesto. A few were even seeing snow for the first time. But from what I’ve heard, this didn’t affect their snowball making ability in the least. I was also told that the bus almost hit a deer in the road. I’m sure that incident would have made at least one of the documentaries if it had happened.


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