Farewell Assembly

Today was the last full day of our students being together. Before the afternoon classes got started, Johansen High School held a farewell assembly for the visiting Japanese students. Both the Kyoto Students and Modesto students contributed to the entertainment schedule.

Several classes were brought in to participate in the event. The Japanese students held the honored front row seats for the performances.

Mr. Lee introduced a very well done “High School Musical” video that the Kyoto students put together for the Modesto students.

The Johansen Jazz Band followed with the music for the group.

Two dance routines were performed by Johansen students:

And then it was the Kyoto students turn to do a little dance for the assembled students.

There was no shortage of applause for each of these performances. The last performance was the Johansen Choir.

Several Kyoto students then came up and thanked the group for the past three weeks. To close out the assembly I presented Mr. Lee a plaque to commemorate their visit to Modesto. The inscription on the plaque said that this was the “Coldest and Wettest Summer School in the history of Modesto”. To try to make this presentation special for the students, I gave the presentation in Japanese first, then English. I knew I was at least getting some of it right, as the students were laughing in the right places. I explained that I was only just learning Japanese, and that after they spoke English for the past three weeks, I could make the effort to speak Japanese for them and this presentation.

There was a short period of time between the ending of the assembly and when they had to get up to class to start the final edits and burns of their documentaries. This is where the first goodbyes of the day started.

It was then back to class for the final push. At 6:00pm, Mr. Cornwell was still burning copies of the DVD documentaries for the students. I think it’s going to be a late night for him. The assembly was held for the students of Johansen. At the end of the day, the Kyoto students headed off to one of the host families for a goodbye pot luck dinner.


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