Host Family Farewell Dinner

Tonight one of the host families was gracious enough to open their home to have a goodbye pot luck dinner for the visiting Kyoto students and their host families. What better way to send off the Kyoto students after three weeks in Modesto than to stuff them full of American food and desserts?

Many of the Kyoto students were sporting Johansen Viking sweatshirts at dinner tonight.

There were fun and games to be had at this last night together. Some international chess battles were played out:

Pokemon battles were fought on the Nintendo Wii:

Some piano playing filled the air with music:

And there were even some playful battles between these new friends:

And some more goodbyes:

And then it was time to leave:

Tomorrow morning the final goodbyes will be the hardest as this group of students start their journey home to Kyoto. They’ve made many new friends and are taking many memories home with them. They have now experienced family and school life in America. Both groups of students have learned from each other and now have a more global view of what it’s like to be high school student. After three weeks of being together every day, these students will have to part ways. There will be many hugs and tears as they board their bus in the morning. But many of these friendships will continue well beyond this visit, and nobody (including the parents and teachers) will forget this group of students and their adventures together these past three weeks. They will be missed by all.


One response to “Host Family Farewell Dinner

  1. Sounds like loads of fun! I taught at JHS ’93-’99 and have now lived in Tokyo, Japan since 2003. It would be super cool to meet up with fellow Modestans here in Japan some day. We’d love to be involved somehow…my three “born in Modesto” kids are completely bilingual and would also love to help anytime.

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