PacRimX on Local TV Show

On Tuesday March 16th Brad Cornwell and I were on a local TV morning show talking about PacRimX and the exchanges.

In the picture above my son Mark, who’s going to Japan with us in April, spoke about his involvement with the project and his expectations for the trip. Brad and I spoke about the recent visit by students from Kyoto for the delayed summer school, and also about the upcoming April exchange. We had the full hour to talk about this project and how it benefits the students on both sides of the Pacific.

We’ve been told that we will receive a copy of the broadcast, and that we and render and stream it from this blog. So watch for that in the coming week. I had a lot of fun doing this, and if it promotes the project and gets more people involved, all the better.


One response to “PacRimX on Local TV Show

  1. Man, why did I move????? Can’t believe I missed out on this….Luckily I was in the first Summer Class with the Jkids. Will there one this summer? I might stop by to say hello to you guys-Former JoHo student, now in Modesto High…

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