Spring Break 2010 Exchange

Well, here I am waiting for the Kyoto students to arrive for a three week summer school. It’s July 2nd, 2010. We went to Kyoto from April 6th-15th. Things have been so crazy around my job that I’ve not had time to post blog entries from our April Exchange. The students arrive at 5:50pm, it’s currently 3:00pm. So I’m going to get the updates posted in time to greet them and kick off this summer exchange.

April 6, 2010 – Day One

This year we took 23 students from Modesto to Kyoto for the April Exchange. We had more signed up, but some had to drop out due to family issues and another for not renewing her passport in time.

Here we are after an eleven hour flight getting ready to go through customs, not worse for the wear. The flight was pretty uneventful. Everyone is eager to get to Kyoto Gakuen and get with their host families.

It’s a 45 minute ride by shuttle bus from Osaka International Airport to Kyoto. Along the way many of the students caught a quick nap, while others were too wound up to miss any of the scenery.

At about the halfway point we stop for the vending machines. This is the one thing about Japan that I wish we had here in America, the awesomely stocked vending machines. This year is was Milk Tea and Calpis that were the big hits.

By the time we actually got to the school it was nighttime and everyone was extremely tired. At this point most of us had been awake for over thirty hours. Students were paired up and sent off with their families as they arrived. It would be a quick night until we had to be back bright and early for the Welcoming Ceremony in the morning.

After all the students were off the chaperones were taken to our hotel to drop our bags, then it was off for dinner. How many meals had we eaten on this extended Tuesday, which had turned to Wednesday somewhere over the Pacific?

Yum, nothing like some raw meat, a selection of sauces, and a blazing hot grill in the middle of the table. Why can’t we have these types of eateries in the States? A little thinly sliced beef tongue anyone?


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