Spring Break 2010 – Day Six

It’s Monday and time to head back to Kyoto Gakuen. The rain is still coming down.

Today is the day that the students go to class. We all met up in the Café before heading off to class.

Last year the students loved the Calligraphy class. So this year they increased the time we had to spend there so that everyone could get all of their projects completed.

After getting out of class the students wanted to check out the new Mac computer lab. The intent was to go in and let them all send email messages home to their families. What ended up happening is that they all pulled up FaceBook and exchanged names so they could be added to each other’s friends lists.

It was then time to head out and catch the bus to Nijo Castle. The rain picked up as we travelled to Nijo. This is another place where no pictures are allowed inside the temples, so all pictures are from outside in the gardens.

Here my son posed for a picture in the pouring down rain. Everyone got pretty wet on this trip, umbrella or not.

I am always amazed at the size and variety of the koi that seem to be in every pond and stream in and around Kyoto.

It was then time to leave and head to the International Anime and Manga Museum a few miles down the road.

This museum is in an old school near Nijo Castle. It’s very much a library and exhibit of all that is anime and manga. There are three floors that have many reading areas set up for people to explore the collections.


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