Day Two Summer School – Downey Class

Today I ended up at Downey again. We have a planned visit to Johansen tomorrow. Today the students started working on photo profiles of themselves and their Modesto partners for their first project.

They started outside taking portraits of each other. John opened a door into a side room where I had set up my computer to work. This gave them a place to pose with good light for portraits.

After the took a number of photos they moved inside to work on the Mac’s. They need 15 good shots of themselves for this project, including pictures they brought it today from home.

It was certainly cooler indoors this afternoon. This was the first time these Mac’s had been used by a group of students. Everything seemed to be going well.

They all took to the computers pretty quickly, especially considering some had not used a Mac before.

For the past four years the Kyoto students have always been very shy in the first days of their visit. It was really great to see all of their personalities coming through in their portraits today.

Mr. Scott kept a close eye on everything while the students worked on their project.

He was jumping in and giving advice and tips to the students on how best to edit their shots.

And was a big hit when he passed around some chocolate brownies for a late snack to carry the students through to the end of class.

It was really nice to see the second day of class go so smoothly, with no major issues with the new lab. These guys are off to a great start.

Both classes this summer are allocating the entire three hours of class to the combined group. This will give them significantly more time together than in past summer schools.


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