Day Three Summer School – Johansen

Day three I finally got over to Johansen. There was not much going on inside the lab, as the students were out an about on campus shooting their music videos.

Many of the groups were still planning what they were going to shoot.

Some of the students have come back summer after summer to help. Shay was in two summer school classes with the Kyoto students as a student, and is now in his second summer school helping with the Kyoto students as an alumni. That’s four years he’s been involved with the Kyoto exchange! He went on the Spring Break Exchange in 2009 as a senior, and went this past year as our videographer. He’s also the student who works for the district in filming and broadcasting our school board meetings. He plans on using his video experience in college and building a career from it.

One of the groups is shooting a basketball music video complete with Sacramento King’s jerseys and a cheerleading squad.

And of course in addition to learning video production skills, the main goal of this program is to give the Kyoto students an opportunity to use their English with native English speakers.

After all of this video is shot it will be back to the lab to edit the video and produce the music videos.

It will be fun to see the final products of these first days of shooting video. Friday is our first field trip to San Francisco. The students should be a lot of video and stills while visiting the sites of the city. Things will really hit a stride next week with starting work on the DVD’s the students take back to Kyoto.


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