San Francisco Trip – Summer School

We arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge at 10:00am. Unlike in past years, we were actually able to see “most” of the bridge. Here’s a shot of all the students that were on the trip with the bridge as the backdrop:

After the visit to the bridge we headed down to walk around the Presidio area of San Francisco by the Exploratorium. This is a beautiful area that had a lot of shops and places to eat. Lucky for us it was lunchtime when we arrived.

Groups of students fanned out across the area to find lunch. We kept running into different groups as we walked through the streets.

On our way back to the buses at the Presidio we stumbled on the offices of Lucas Arts. The Japanese students love Star Wars so we stopped and took a picture of them in front of the Yoda fountain outside their offices.

Lucas Arts looked like it took up a number of buildings in the front of the Presidio. There was also a large pond and statues all through this area of the Presidio grounds. Further back there is a Disney Family Museum that looked really interesting.

After spending a few hours in this part of San Francisco the buses headed over to Union Square. I did not get any pictures, as my iPhone 4 had some problems that became pretty serious and I ended up sitting in the Apple Store getting it swapped out with a new one.

I will post a few pictures tomorrow when I get back to school and can check with the teachers who were on the trip.


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