Skype Session

Last night we did a new activity between Modesto City Schools and Kyoto Gakuen.

We had the computers in our two Mac labs connecting individually using Skype between Kyoto and Modesto. Last night was an experiment to see if it would all work with our two networks. It ended up working very well after everyone got their Skype id’s shared with everyone else. Unfortunately, the timing was off, as the teacher in Kyoto thought the time had changed already here in the States to Daylight Savings Time. The students did get about 15 minutes of chatting before they had to go to their next class.

We have rescheduled a full hour for next week. The students on both sides of the screen were having fun and fully engaged in the activity last night. Next week will be their last contact until we arrive in Japan on April 7th. The Kyoto students start their break between their school years next Monday. So they will be coming in on their vacation to participate in this last chat session.


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