CBS News covers MCS Kyoto Exchange @ 3:30pm Thursday 3/18

This story has been pushed to tomorrow night (Thursday) from the original airing tonight.  The post has been updated to reflect the change.

Watch CBS News (national) tonight Thursday 3/18 at 5:30pm 3:30pm for coverage of the Modesto City Schools Kyoto Exchange program, and the planned April cultural exchange.  Apparently the news in on early due to March Madness coverage.

Digital Journalist Megan Kelty of CBS News interviews a student in the VISCOM Lab at Downey High School that is scheduled to go to Kyoto, Japan in April as part of an annual cultural exchange program. Two students, a parent, and the program coordinator (John Scott) were interviewed for the piece.

Kelty asked the student about his concerns over the upcoming Kyoto trip and about the communication that he has had with his friends in Japan. The student was quick to point out that he knew his friend in Kyoto was safe within 10 minutes after texting the night of the quake.

He added, “Tatsuma said, We’re okay, hurry and come over.”


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