Raising Funds for Japan

One of the Modesto City School Board Members is going on the exchange trip this year to Kyoto Japan. This board member comes from a family that has been involved with exchanges since he was a child. In addition to being a school board member he is also a lawyer. When news of the quake and tsunami reached Modesto, this board member put together a fundraiser to raise money for the efforts in Japan to assist the victims of this disaster. Today he had a Lobster, Crab and Prawn Boil at his house. It was very well attended by many people from the school district and local community.

While the exchange trip has been rescheduled for late June, this board member will be going to Japan as originally planned in April to give the speech at the Welcoming Ceremony and also to speak at the Opening Ceremony for the school. It will be at the Opening Ceremony that he presents all funds raised along with proclamations from the MCS School Board, the City of Modesto, and several other local organizations reaffirming the relationship that exists between Modesto and Kyoto. He will then travel back to Japan with the exchange group in June. .

A few weeks back at the end of a video conference between our students and Kyoto, students in Kyoto asked our Modesto students if they would willing to bring clothing and other supplies with them on our exchange to add to stuff they have collected for earthquake victims in New Zealand. They told our students that because they experience so many earthquakes in Japan, they really wanted to reach out and help those who were affected in Christchurch in the aftermath of their quake. How ironic that Japan was hit with their worst quake in their history a week later.


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