Kyoto Gakuen High School Earthquake Appeal

There are many planned activities every year between Kyoto Gakuen High School and Modesto City Schools leading up to our exchange trip in April. At the end of a recent Survival Japanese class provided by the students in Kyoto, two students came up to make an appeal for help to the Modesto students. They were concerned for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand and the victims of a recent earthquake there. As a class, they wanted to do something for the people of Christchurch. Their request to our students was modest, simply bring something with you on your trip and donate it to our effort to help.

This is a powerful video. The kinship of experiencing earthquakes was the basis for the appeal to the students coming to Kyoto in April. Little could anyone at the time had known that in exactly two weeks Japan would experience the worst earthquake and tsunami in their history, a 9.0 that would wreak havoc and destruction on Northeastern Japan.

We have since had to delay our trip to Kyoto until the end of June due to recent events in Japan. The students are all talking about ways that they can help. As posted earlier, a board member who is participating in this exchange is raising funds to take to Kyoto in April when he visits to speak at the Welcoming and Opening Ceremonies, as was originally planned as part of this exchange.

If you are reading this post or viewing this video and are able to help in some way, please take action now. Don’t wait. Even if all you can do is make a small donation to a charity helping the victims of Christchurch or Japan, do it as soon as you finish reading this. The size of the donation or the effort doesn’t count, it’s the act of helping itself that makes the difference. And if you can motivate others to help, the momentum will build and we will collectively help so many that are in need as a result of these tragic events.

And as this video shows, you never know when or where the next big disaster is going to hit. You may be the one waiting for help down the road, you never know. Get involved and make a donation today.

If you don’t have a local effort or charity to contribute to, the Red Cross assists in all of these types of efforts:

Make a donation to Red Cross.


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