Kyoto Welcoming Ceremony

Here are Chris Flesuras (left: Modesto City Schools Deputy Superintendent) and Ruben Villalobos (MCS School Board) at Kyoto Gakuen High School prior to the Welcoming Ceremony on Friday. Ruben delivered the speech at the Welcoming Ceremony honoring the relationship between Kyoto Gakuen and Modesto City Schools, and welcoming the new junior high and high school students to KG. On Monday Chris and Ruben will be speaking at the Opening Ceremony with the entire student body of Kyoto Gakuen. Both carried documents from local government and the MCS School Board recognizing this long standing relationship between the schools that Chris started when he was the principal at Beyer High School over 20 years ago. Ruben will also be delivering monies raised in various events to KG for their efforts to assist those affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the northern part of Japan.

Ruben is posting pictures from his visit to Kyoto on his Facebook page.


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